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A new year is like a blank book.

The pen is in your hands.

It is your chance to write a beautiful story for yourself.

Wish you all a very very Happy New Year 2020

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Hello everyone and My name is Sarah and I'm part of the single 90. So let's get started and let's talk about what is Bitcoin mining. So what is bitcoin so let's take an example. So there is someone who wants to send 5 Bitcoins to Rachel now, we will see how this transaction can happen. Now Bitcoin is based on the concept of digital currency anyone across the globe can transfer amount in Bitcoin irrespective of the geography from anyone to anyone. So basically you need to just open an account on the Bitcoin Network have some Bitcoins in it and you can transfer it either you can purchase the Bitcoins online through some exchanges or you can mine it. So once you have both ends in your account, you can transfer it to someone you want whose address you have now. Do you want to know how this transaction work? Well this transaction is done by Bitcoin mining so we will go deep down. Understand that how the Bitcoin transaction Works what all entities are involved behind the scenes in order to maintain the sanity of the Bitcoin Network and make sure that whomever you wanted. The Bitcoin to reach to has reached and there is no loss of Bitcoin in the network and it is a successful transaction. So let's understand certain Basics so worth it for us today. We need to know what is bitcoin will understand the underlying technology blockchain. So we will talk about that then we will see what are the advantages of Bitcoin as compared to other digital currencies and five digital Technologies. Then you will go into the concepts of Bitcoin mining then what is Bitcoin mining and we will do a demo on certain aspects of Bitcoin mining. Now, what is bitcoin Bitcoin is the first page decentralized digital currency that allows users to transfer money. To appear without any intermediate trees like Banks government's agents Brokers. Nothing is involved. And all this is done using blockchain technology. So as we saw in our previous example, two parties wants to exchange money transfer money. They don't need an intermediate now Bitcoin can be used for online purchases e-commerce transactions. It can be used as an investment instrument and it can be primarily used for payments to buy goods and services now, it was created in 2009. It came into existence by a person or a group of people called Satoshi Nakamoto. Now Bitcoin helps transferring of assets faster than regular Fiat currencies. It has definitely lower transaction fees because as it has removed the intermediate trees from between the cost of transaction also goes down and it is cryptographically secure. It uses cryptography wage structure and thereby the identities of the sender and the receiver or also secure and entire transaction is cryptographically signed and the user's information who are doing the transaction log. Part of the network or is also hidden and secure now, what are the advantages of Bitcoin? So it allows fast and quick p r to peer transactions. It is impossible to counter feet or home the transactions which are running on a Bitcoin Network and it's an overall decentralized process. There is no centralized body which is controlling the transactions or charging a fees in order to validate them transaction. It is the participants in the decentralized network who are taking care of the sanity of the network there by making sure that the overall transaction cost is low. All the information is acceptable to public it is available publicly on a public Ledger anyone can go and view the transactions and the volume of the transactions happening on the Bitcoin Network and it is a low-fee transaction. It is comparatively low other mediums and channels through which today digital transactions are made now. What is blockchain so Bitcoin runs on the underlying technology of blockchain blockchain is a public distributed Ledger in which dog.